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Digital Media 7361-Fall 2016

Welcome to my website, a portfolio of projects created for my Digital Media Class.


Project 1 Digital Images

Project Description: Initially, I used my own photos for the peer review because I had some issues with downloading on my computer (had to clear space at the Apple Store). Once I fixed that, I used photos from the project folder, but I was able to implement the feedback from my peers to finalize the project. Essentially, I reversed the steps in regards to images used. The banner I used was a photo of the green grass and the sky taken from the project folder. I cropped it in order to eliminate some of the sky. I then used the masking key to mask both baby pictures. I used the brush and the color back to mask out the background. I then changed then blended the opacity from opaque to transparent on the icon photos. I selected the icon photo, used the lasso tool to highlight the area on the background photo to import the icon photos. All images were sized close to requirements, but not exact. There are so many options to learn and I am eager to learn more. Initially, I used the eraser feature and I learn that deletes the pixels. I soon learned how to mask more efficiently. Visit the Project Page

Visit the Project Page


Project 2 Digital Audio

Project Description: I used a Kenny Chesney song from my iTunes account and my son recorded a voice explaining why Aaron Rodgers is his favorite football player. I initially recorded his voice in Media Player and exported it to Audacity and then converted it to an MP3 file using a converter website. I used Audacity to edit both tracks. While using Audacity, I explored a few different options. The steps I took are listed below: 1. I recorded my son’s voice on Quick Time Media Player and imported the file to iTunes. 2. I imported two tracks from iTunes to Audacity, the Kenny Chesney song and my son’s voice recording. 3. I trimmed the song to just under a minute. 4. I clipped the voice track to fade into the music track that was already playing. 5. I faded it out the volume of the song track once the voice track started to play. 6. I amplified the voice track to give it a stronger effect. 7. Once the voice track was over, I faded in the volume of the music. 8. Once the music was close to the end of the song, I faded out the song. 9. I mix and rendered the tracks. 10. I saved the new Track to in Audacity as a wav file and used an mp3 converter online to save it as an MP3 file.Visit the Project Page

Project 3 Digital Video

The video project was created using a video filmed with an iphone of my dog, Brody. The original movie was about 55 seconds long and compressed using a Compress app on the iphone to about 1MB. The music used was Ninja Tuna-Kalimba. Once the video was compressed I imported it to Movie Maker. The following steps are more details of the project. 1. Download the video to the “compress” app using your iphone. 2. Save the new compressed version by following the prompts. 3. Import the compressed version to Microsoft Movie Maker. 4. Once in Movie Maker, choose a song to play simultaneously to the video. 5. Once song is selected, import it to Movie Maker from your computer library. The following description will explain each edit that I made to the video. 1. Title Screen- Added Cinematic Animation 2. Transition 1 is a bow-tie animation with warps visual effects. 3. There is a cut between 1 and 2. 4. Sequence 3 includes a cross fade transition and a warp effect 5. Sequence 4 includes spin 360 visual effect and a diagonal box transition 6. Sequence 5 has a shatter in transition and warp effect 7. Sequence 6 has a flip transition and a warp effect 8. Sequence 7 has a heart transition and warp effect 9. The still image is a picture of Brody lying in his bed with photo filter. 10. The credit screen is contemporary. 11. The video plays simultaneously with the music. The music fades in at a medium level and fades out a slow level. Visit the Project Page